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My teenage fashionistas recently updated their wardrobes and purchased some fashion pieces that look very similar to clothing I wore two decades ago. Who would have known that velvet, chokers, ripped jeans, and bodysuits would have come back in style?

“Mom this is so cool. You need to wear this!” I cringed as we went through my closet and brought out some old moth bitten clothing. We talked about what I wore in nineties, and similar fashion that has been brought back to life. Unlike my daughters, I was very unattractive, wore bottle cap glasses, and had bleeding gums from my shi**y braces.

I love to hear their fresh take on what’s trending and where they love to shop. The nineties revival has taken a firm hold this season and here are some looks that my girls and I want to share with you!

Metallics brings me back to my night clubbing days…. This top is a great look for a party or night out and can be found at Top Shop.

We spotted lots of velvet on the catwalk at fashion week. Whether it’s a well cut dress, pants, or top, velvet is a chic and BIG this season. This comfortable chic dress is totally affordable and can be found at Tillys.

This simple velvet choker can be layered with metal necklaces for a cool rocker chick look. We love the endless selection of accessories found at Tillys.

Florals are HOT this season. My daughter Clarissa loves this adorable embroidered floral lace bodysuit from Charlotte Russe.

Whether oversized, leather, velvet, traditional, “da bomber” jacket is a big hit this winter. We love this reversible Tokyo jacket from Top Shop.

Here’s another flash back for yah. Yup…Mom jeans are TOTALLY in right now.  My daughter Tori picked up a pair from PacSun.

Bodysuits are a timeless trend that is making a big comeback. My girls have been stocking up in different colors and styles. (long sleeve, short, tanks).  This full tilt shine bodysuit can be found at Tillys.

Whether you you have a limited or big budget, you might wanna check your momma’s closet for some great fashion pieces this season.

I was the “Nineties Fashion Queen.” Okay… maybe not, but I felt royal after a few red solo cups of Boone’s Farm alcohol.

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