Dream Big: Engineering Our World Premieres February 17th

Dream Big: Engineering Our World Premieres February 17th

My family loves to spend time in museums. It is a place where we can let our imaginations and creativity run free. Museums ignite imagination, innovation, vision, and play. I often encourage my children to “Dream Big” and shoot for the stars. Last week we got a sneak peek of the new film, “DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World.” This film will hit select museums nationally and globally.

“DREAM BIG: Engineering Our World,” will premiere February 17th at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, and March 10th at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, and the Fleet Science Center in San Diego, Ca .

This unique film celebrates human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people globally. This film also inspires youth of diverse backgrounds to become innovators, educators, and leaders in their communities.

 We also had the opportunity to interview Greg MacGillivray, director of the film and engineer Angelica Hernandez, who’s inspirational story is featured in the film.

We got a sneak peek of the film and we loved it!   I could not unglue my youngest son from the screen! The cinematography is remarkable.

Director Greg MacGillivray said, “For me, this story was the ultimate find for DREAM BIG. It’s a heartfelt story that echoes David vs. Goliath – where you have these very resourceful children from impoverished backgrounds and a then-unknown school taking on some of the richest and most sophisticated schools in the country, with surprising results. The Falcon Robotics Team had very little money and no reputation — but what they did have was a great mentor in teacher Fredi Lajvardi who really cared about them and their education. And what they also had was ingenuity and a willingness to persevere against the odds. They never gave up andthat is always the most inspirational of human qualities.”


Angelica Hernandez,  is a Mexican immigrant turned leading Arizona engineer who got her start in the legendary robotics club at Carl Hayden High School. Angelica faced many challenges being both a girl and Latina. She has risen above it all to make big changes in our world every day.  Her story is truly heroic and inspirational.

“Angelica’s story is really the American story and in a sense, it could only have happened here,” muses Greg MacGillivray. “She came from a background where a lot of the time kids aren’t expected or even encouraged to go to college – in part because there’s such a big need for kids to get jobs and help the family out as soon as they finish high school. But Fredi told Angelica, you have to go to college, and she buckled down and made it happen. She became a shining example of the possibilities for anyone in this country to succeed if you work hard and dedicate yourself.”

Like many kids, Angelica had almost no clue of what an engineer does when she joined the robotics club at Carl Hayden. It wasn’t even on her mind. “First I joined ROTC and that’s when I started hearing more about the robotics team,” she remembers. “But really, I had no idea what they even did or what it was all about. When I finally joined, it turned out to be so much bigger and more exciting than what I thought it was.”

I was thrilled that my youngest daughter had a chance to interview Angelica. She’s a wonderful role model for young girls with “Big Dreams.”

This film is great for the entire family. You don’t want to miss it!




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