5 Reasons Parents Love and Support PBS SoCal KIDS Programs

Earlier this month, I met with the creators of PBS SoCal Kid’s “Ready Jet Go,” and learned how children’s educational programming is created. I was amazed to learn about the amount work that is involved to create this fantastic show.

PBS has always been a family favorite in our home. Public broadcasting is a wonderful treasure in our community that provides quality entertainment for families in Southern California.

About Ready Jet Go!

Earth science and astronomy take center stage in this animated series from PBS Kids. Two neighborhood kids – Sean and Sydney befriend the new kid on the block, Jet Propulsion, who just happens to be an alien from planet Bortron 7. Together they explore the solar system and how it affects the planet, while also learning about friendship and teamwork. The series features live-action interstitials with astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer.

Thank you PBS SoCal KOCE for inviting me to learn more about your educational programming. All opinions are my own.


Here are 5 reasons parents LOVE and support PBS SoCal KIDS

1.PBS SoCal KIDS programs are educational. 

PBS SoCal KIDS programs proves time and time again that it teaches children through a tested curriculum in literacy , STEM and social-emotional development. This valuable educational content is available to all Southern California children anytime.

As a mother, I appreciate the fact that my son is learning about Science and Astronomy when he watches “Ready Jet Go!” After watching an episode, he is ecstatic to share what he has learned about our Solar System with his older siblings.

2. PBS SoCal KIDS shows are healthy for a child’s development. 

Ages 2-8 is a very crucial time for a child’s development. At this early age, they are forming cognitive capacities needed to succeed in grade school. Research shows that the quality of early education can have life-long benefits. In Southern California, over forty percent of children ages 3-5  are not enrolled in preschool. In this environment, PBS SoCal KIDS is extremely valuable, reaching children in more ways, and at a critical time in their development.

Ready Jet Go

3. PBS SoCal KIDS shows are fun, interactive, colorful, and can be accessed anytime online!

Kids can access many of their favorite PBS kid shows online 24/7.  My son loves to visit Ready Jet Go! online to watch his favorite episodes, play games, and get song sheets. These games give children the hands-on interactive experience that prepare them for academic success!

4. Kids learn from the experts.

In my meeting with the the creators of Ready Jet Go, I learned about the team collaboration that is involved to create this incredible program. One episode takes about 9 months to create a 11 minute episode. The team includes scientists, teachers, child development experts, cartoon artists, and musicians.

Every script is reviewed and revised by professionals, for the accuracy of the content that is being provided.

5. PBS Kid shows inspires kids to dream BIG!

PBS children programs inspire kids to think out of the box and dream big! Each episode takes children on an adventure that includes exploration. These shows give them the knowledge and confidence that inspires them to be leaders in their communities.

My son now dreams of one day visiting Mars and exploring the Moon one day!

Here is what some parents had to say about PBS SoCal KIDS Programs…

“I appreciate that the shows are entertaining and educational. My favorite show is Martha Speaks!” –Desiree Eaglin Blogger at The Funny Mom Blog, Parent, and PBS Supporter.

“These wonderful shows teach my children to be respectful to others, about being a great friend, and other life lessons. Another great aspect is that there are no commercials. I love the shows that PBS offers families. They have an educational spin. As a mom, I don’t feel guilty about letting them watch cartoons that are teaching my children.”- Jennifer Willey Blogger at Balancing The Chaos, Parent, Teacher, and PBS Supporter.

“I love how it opens up my kids mind to new possibilities and new information. It makes them think anything is possible. It reminds them to ask the questions and dream big. They love Ready Jet Go, Nature Cat,  Nova, Wild Kratts, and Odd Squad.” –Sandee Vasquez Gutierrez, Parent, and PBS Supporter 

“All the shows teach my kids something and there are no commercials trying to sell my kids stuff. We love love love The Wild Kratts! My kids love the way Odd Squad makes them think mathematically.”- Maria Vasquez-Villarreal,  Parent, Teacher, and PBS Supporter

Support PBS SoCal KOCE!

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