Theater Review: A Steady Rain at The John Kirby Studio in LA

Photo credits: Adam Ikaika

The smash hit “A Steady Rain” by Keith Huff has been launched for a third run at John Kirby’s Studio in Los Angeles. This sensational play has sold out night after night, after stirring up a buzz in Hollywood.

Keith Huff’s incredible play is directed by premiere acting coach, John Kirby, the “Angel” of Hollywood. “A Steady Rain” took us on unexpected emotional ride, one that includes disfunction, betrayal, and turmoil.

Photo credits: Adam Ikaika

Huff’s play gave us a an intimate look into the complicated lives of police officers, and the temptations that can afflict them.


Keith Huff’s, Steady Rain is a gritty, darkly poetic duologue about two Chicago police officers whose inner need to serve and protect consumes them — and ultimately, rips them apart. RJ DeBard (The CommissionRemnantGod Shots) and Andy Hoff (Mad MenNCISNCIS LALethal Weapon,JustifiedHow I Met Your MotherA Perfect Getaway) star as partners on the police force who share a lifelong friendship that is tested after terrible decisions are made. Chaos spins their lives and careers out of control.

Joey (Hoff) and Denny (DeBard) are lifelong friends and Chicago cops who reach a career stalemate.  Joey lives in a simple apartment and has a drinking problem. Denny is married with two kids and dominates the dysfunctional friendship. His abusive tendencies, push the ones he love most emotionally to the edge.

When a domestic disturbance call takes a huge twisted turn, a severe lapse in judgement begins to unravel their trust and loyalty. Told entirely by the two characters, this story rips, seamlessly, between individual recounting and live action. It’s increasingly apparent, however, that the two sides of their story don’t add up.

Photo credits: Adam Ikaika
Photo credits: Adam Ikaika

The brotherhood and bond between these two lifetime friends is simply unbreakable…

Denny (DeBard) lives on the edge, patrols and maintains civilian peace, in the most “unethical” way. He transitions steadily and his conflicted character transcends. Denny is volatile, explosive, and unpredictable. His performance kept the audience captivated. His wide acting range was phenomenal.

Joey (Hoff) is straight laced and watches the turmoil unfold from the sidelines. He is sensible and poised, and what I would consider a “typical cop.”  He is also deeply conflicted and battles his own inner demons.  Hoff’s execution was brilliant and believable.

The direction by John Kirby and execution of this piece was exceptional…

Bravo! “A Steady Rain” is a MUST-SEE 

Be prepared to laugh, shed lots of tears, and be blown away!

The small theater seats 40. Performances of  A Steady Rain will take place this Friday and Saturday @ 8 p.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m., and has NOW BEEN EXTENDED TO AUGUST 20th!  Tickets are $20. TheJohn Kirby Studio is located at 1510 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90028. For reservations and information, call (323) 467-7877 or go to

Written by Keith Huff
Directed by John Kirby
Starring RJ DeBard and Andy Hoff
Scenic Design by Mike Flannery
Lighting Design by Donny Jackson
Sound Design by Aaron Lyons
Produced by Andy Hoff and Nathan Nesbitt

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