Seasalt Woodfire Grill: Santa Maria Style Barbecue in Huntington Beach


Living in the Central Coast was a unique and a memorable experience… I have wonderful memories of taking my children on lovely hikes at Oso Flaco Lake, picnics at local wineries, and eating delicious Santa Maria barbecue. The food and wine is like no other, and continues to be a highlight in my memory book.

On weekends, my family loved driving up Broadway street in Santa Maria. Local churches and organizations would set up on the main road, to grill and fundraise for different causes. As we drove we could smell the amazing aroma of the barbecue pits grilling up tri-tip, linguisa, chicken, and other central coast favorites.

I recently heard about Seasalt Woodfire Grill in Huntington Beach, and I was thrilled to learn that I didn’t have to drive four hours up the coast to get some authentic, Santa Maria-Style barbecue. I was curious to know if this restaurant was the real deal, and let me tell you…. It is!

Thank you Seasalt Woodfire Grill for letting me review your restaurant. All opinions are my own.


About Santa Maria Barbecue 

Have you ever tried Santa Maria-style barbecue? If not, you MUST!

Santa Maria barbecue is unique and centered around beef tri-tip. It is usually seasoned with salt, black pepper, and garlic salt. It is grilled over coals of native coast live oak, and often referred to as “red oak” wood.

Pinquito Beans are also an important component of traditional central coast barbecue. They are a cross between small white beans and pinto beans. They grow well in the fertile soil, and in mild climate of the Santa Maria Valley.

Photo credit to Seasalt Woodfire Grill

The ambiance is casual, yet chic. I could feel the Pacific Ocean breeze as I entered the restaurant. Patio seating is available, and surrounds a large fire pit.

Memory: This reminded me of our lazy days at Porter Ranch, when we would sit around a large fire pit, barbecue, and let the kids run free. 


Different seasoning are brought to the table to add a little flavor to the dishes. (if desired)


As you walk into the restaurant, there is a full service bar. The Farm Craft Rim libations added to the whole Central Coast foodie experience.

I sipped on this fresh Grilled Piña cocktail (tequila + pineapple +jalapeño). It was much like my personality, and was the perfect combination of sweet and spicy… Sooo good.


We started out with the Tri Tip Nachos with manchego cheese sauce, cowboy cavier and Santa Maria Beans. They were tasty and we devoured them in 2.5 seconds!


The Whole Grilled Cauliflower with manchego cheese fandue, was appetizing and melted in my mouth.


I tried the Tri-Tip, Ribs, and Linguisa… The rustic presentation was impressive and the portions were generous. The meats were tender, juicy, and delectable.

The 12 ounce Spencer is also a great option.


Dessert anyone?

You cannot leave without eating dessert. Omar’s OG Pudding is to die for, and the Scorched S’mores is a MUST TRY!


The flavors at Seasalt Woodfire Grill were authentic, exquisite and reminded me of the beautiful time we lived in the Central Coast. I can’t wait to go back with family and friends… Cheers!

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