5 Awesome Reasons To Ride OC Bus With Your Kids

Do you ride on the bus with your kids? If not you should!

When I was teenager, I often traveled in and around Orange County on the public bus with my friends. We would travel to South Coast Plaza for shopping, head to Newport Beach for a swim, go to Downtown Santa Ana for authentic Mexican food, or travel to Tewinkle Park to hang with our friends. We were carefree and loved to get around town to explore. Over the years, I have learned that our public transportation has great value, and is a great service worth teaching my children about.

I recently decided to take advantage of our awesome OC Bus transit, and go on an adventure with my kids. I spent a lovely stress free afternoon with my family, and let OC Bus do all the driving!

AD: Thank you OC Bus for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

It was so nice to immerse ourselves into our community, get fresh air, and save on gas.
We headed to The Shops at Mission Viejo to shop, and we enjoyed a tasty lunch at the food court. The drive up on the OCTA bus was smooth and convenient. My kids have learned to navigate, purchase tickets, and use their mobile devices for bus times and updates. OC Bus makes it super easy to navigate around town and get to our favorite destinations.

OC Bus has made many improvements on their buses. They are comfortable, clean, and easily accessible. They have also improved their service and frequency throughout Orange County!

Here are 5 awesome reasons to teach your kids to ride the public bus

1.Get To Know Your City

While on the bus my son peered through the bright lit window to see the town pass in front of his eyes. He said, “ Mom, when can I pull the chord to stop?” He waited eagerly since this was a highlight for him on our trip. He also spotted our public library, City Hall, and our favorite hiking trail. It’s important for kids to feel that they are part of their community.

Children will:

  • Become immersed into their community
  • Become exposed to different cultures and age groups
  • Learn how to use their local public transit
  • Learn where the bus stops and the train station is located
  • Get to see the city’s market places and city employees at work
  • Familiarize themselves with where museums and important city and government buildings are located

2. Public Transportation Helps The Environment

My family is very passionate about the environment, and we want to make a difference by using public transportation! The more people on buses means less congestion and pollution…

We not only enjoyed ourselves on the bus, but we know we are helping the environment by:

  • Improving air quality
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Facilitating compact development, conserving land and decreasing travel demand
  • Saving energy

3. Using Public Transportation Reduces Stress

Traffic can be extremely stressful. I often feel overwhelmed and agitated while driving my kiddos around town.

While on the bus, I had time to chat with my kids, text, and I even had time to read. These things are hard to do when your world is centralized around the traffic ahead of you. As overdramatic as it seems, this short period of time on the bus put me at ease.

  • Commuters can sleep, relax, read, and text on the bus. How awesome is that?

4. Kids Learn to be “Street Smart”

My girls often use OCTA buses for commuting to school. OC Bus has not only been reliant, but it has taught them:

  • How to navigate and commute around town
  • How to be independent
  • How to follow street signs and the rules of the road
  • How to be alert and be safe in the city

It’s never too early to teach good riding habits! When they’re old enough, brief your child on the basic transit etiquette…

5. Sight Seeing

OCTA offers transportation to a variety of unique destinations. Adventure is out there, whether it’s a visit to a local hang out spot, the marketplace, or the local Farmer’s Market.

Other great places to visit with kids:

  • Malls
  • Movies
  • Parks
  • Beaches
  • National monuments
  • Museums

The bus is a great alternative to cars and my kids truly enjoyed it. We can’t wait to ride again!

“You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation.” ~ Ozan

Want to try OC Bus for free? First-time riders will receive 2 free day passes! Visit ocbus.com to learn more!

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