Mathnasium Two Month Progress Update

My son has been attending Mathnasium in Laguna Niguel, two times a week for last two months. This Math tutoring program has been extremely beneficial to my son, and he has improved in mathematics tremendously. In fact, we have decided to officially enroll our child in the program.

Last week, I met with the director of the program to check on my son’s progress. I was pleased to learn that in the short amount of time, he has improved by exactly twenty percent! (After two months, Mathnasium conducts a partial assessment to check the student’s progress, and a final assessment is given after a year)

This school year my son started fourth grade, and he has been introduced to more complex and difficult math concepts. Initially, he was struggling and was a bit discouraged in school. Just when we started to look for a math tutor, Mathnasium in Laguna Niguel came to the rescue! We were thrilled to learn about this incredible math center in OC. It is staffed by college-educated, Mathnasium-certified instructors who work with each child individually.

At Mathnasium, my son is taught by caring and knowledgeable instructors well-versed in integrating Mathnasium’s techniques with the math curriculum used in local Orange County schools.

Compensation: Thank you Mathnasium  for letting my son try your tutoring service for free. All opinions are my own. 

The program began with an assessment to determine his current math level. This assessment is designed to pinpoint a child’s strengths and weaknesses. These results provide the foundation from which Mathnasium constructs the student’s customized learning plan for each child.
During the two month trial period, he worked several math topics including: addition, subtraction, multi-digit multiplication, inequality symbols, skip counting, division, naming fractions, inequality symbols and so much more…
The Mathnasium Method uses a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques to help children really understand math, and has been developed over more than 40 years of practical experience with thousands of students.
The first half of the hour session my son worked on math concepts. The second half he used to work on homework. Also, when he had an upcoming math exam he took his study guide to review with his tutor.
Prizes and Incentives! 
My son is given prizes and candy for his hard work and good behavior. After each session, he looks forward to spinning the wheel for a candy. Also, my son’s math worksheet and a card is stamped. This accumulation of stamped cards can go towards redeeming a big prize.
This prize system definitely motivates my son to work harder, and to be on his best behavior. He often looks at the games a toys on display with glistening eyes. I can see him makes a mental notes of the prizes he desires.
In the short amount of time that my son has been enrolled in the program, his improvement in Math has not gone unnoticed. He recently received this award at school. Since starting Mathnasium, he has become more confident and enthused about going to school!
My son’s overall experience has been positive, encouraging, and promising. My kiddo raves about his tutors and looks forward to going every week! As a mom, I am thrilled about his progress and the self-confidence he has gained. 

If your child struggles in Math, this place is to take your child for exceptional tutoring!

The center is at the corner of La Paz and Oso Parkway / Pacific Park Drive in the Sprouts and Home Depot shopping center

27281 La Paz Rd, Ste. L, Laguna Niguel CA 92677

(949) 360-6284 

[email protected]

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