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When I was a young girl I dreamt of distant lands, brave nights, and majestic castles. I was in grade school when I experienced the magic come to life for the first time at Medieval Times. It was a unique entertainment experience, that is still embedded in my memory book. I am thrilled that for a second time I will see the show, but this time with my family. Per our son prince Andrew’s request, we will be celebrating his birthday at this sensational dinner show this week!

All Hail the Queen! Her sovereign Majesty, Doña Maria Isabella is introduced in the new show! 

Medieval Times is ushering in a new royal ruler as the lead role in their wildly popular SoCal production at the Buena Park castle. For the first time in the company’s 34-year tradition of having a king as the sole ruler of the land, a female character made history in the company’s newest show that debuted on March 16th, in the heart of Orange County.

Thank you Medieval Times for inviting us to see your new show! All opinions are my own.

Photo credit to MEDIEVAL TIMES

About The Show

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a live two-hour show with a delicious four-course feast served medieval-style, or without silverware.  Guests cheer for six brave Knights as they compete in games of skill, authentic jousting matches and sword fights in an attempt to win the tournament.  Beautiful, rare, Pure Spanish Horses (P.R.E.) are featured throughout the show in breathtaking acts of dressage.  As the dynamic performance unfolds, the energy rises inside the 1,000 seat Grand Ceremonial Arena. The heroic knights, spirited horses and the flight of the falcon leave guests cheering for more.

In addition to the debut of the queen character and storyline, the new production features:

• More than 700 new costumes for all nine castles’ performers including horses, all of which are custom-designed and hand-made at a dedicated costume shop near the Dallas Design District.

• Two hundred new suits of armor, shields and helmets, all custom-designed and handmade at a dedicated armory in Florida.

• More than 350 team members and 225 horses who have rehearsed new lines and fight scenes for three months while still presenting the current show. o This include the queens undergoing an intense two months of training to become experts at riding the impressive Andalusian stallion for the new show.

• New music composed by Dr. Daniel May, the composer and jazz pianist who scored “Everest” and other films, and has worked with notables such as Sting and The Moody Blues. He directed and recorded Medieval Times’ new show composition in Kiev with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. This includes directing the choir in Ukraine with lyrics written by notable poet and choir member Solomia Gorokhivska.

• A live-action film score precisely synchronized with every element of the show, from lights to fights; jousts to jabs; the Queen’s entry to curtain closings; and more.

• A sound and light production featuring 120 hours of programming with 300 new music cues and 500 new lighting cues. Buena Park is one of several castles installing and programming a new LED lighting system that offers 256 colors versus the old 14-color system. The system is powered by 10 miles of cable and an estimated $1 million upgrade.

We seriously can’t wait! 


We look forward to spending a special evening with our birthday boy at MEDIEVAL TIMES! Stay tuned for my upcoming review on the blog.

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7662 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, California 90620

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