SEVENTEEN: COLLEGE GOALS An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You’ll Love!

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Post written by: Clarissa Camacho

I am senior in high school, and I will be attending a Cal State University in the fall. It’s definitely been a journey, both emotionally and academically. Deciding which school would be a right fit for me, has definitely been a challenge. Recently, the editors of Seventeen Magazine released a new book entitled Seventeen: College Goals, an insiders guide to finding and getting into a school you’ll love. Upon reading it, I am in awe with the resources it provides. It gives me the tools to take on University in terms of study hacks, self care, sex, adulting, drugs and alcohol prevention.

My parents have always stressed the importance of education. After my SAT and ACT prep classes, my mother would feed me and show me how to make protein packed wraps, chicken noodle soup, tofu and other Pinterest worthy meals to prepare me for college. At each of these meals, she would teach me something new that she felt would be vital to my college experience. She would even talk about topics that are considered taboo in my Hispanic culture.

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With SATs, ACTs, AP courses, and studying this school year has been just a little insane!

As a very anxious student, I have only known a few self-care coping mechanisms:

1. Cry

2. Binge on junk food

3. Watch 500 Days of Summer until my little brother tackles me for the remote

After reading Seventeen Magazine tips, I realize how unhealthy these coping mechanisms are, and how I can better my life with simple things such as eating healthy, maintaining a sleeping schedule, and taking care, and loving my body!

 Seventeen-magazine- college-goals

This school year is BIG for me, and I am both excited and nervous at the same time. I have so much on my mind.   I am thrilled that I now have an all- in- one journal/guide to place my thoughts, dreams, and goals!

This incredible book makes a great birthday, graduation, and or a just cuz gift!

About The Book

The only thing standing between you and that college life is figuring out where you might want to go, completing your applications, writing a killer essay, scoring solid test scores, shining in your activities, getting glowing recommendations, and . . . okay, that’s a lot. But even though being accepted into college can seem big and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.
That’s where Seventeen: College Goals comes in. This stress-free guide—part-planner, part-journal—will help walk you through the step-by-step process of applying to colleges. There are pages filled with practical cheat sheets, handy life hacks, thoughtful tips, fun quizzes, inspiring quotes from your favorite celebs and leaders, and prompts that will push you to self-reflect. (After all, that’s what college essays are all about!) This way, you can freak out less about if you’ll get in, and actually start thinking about which school’s offer you’re going to accept.

 Seventeen-magazine- college-goals

I’m counting down the days to graduation!

When I start attending Cal State, I think I will be slightly more at ease with this book. Not having my mom around will definitely be a struggle  as she truly is my best friend, my mentor, and my biggest supporter. This little book will help me organize my thoughts, help with decision making, and reassure me that this is only the beginning of my future…

 Seventeen-magazine- college-goals

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16 thoughts on “SEVENTEEN: COLLEGE GOALS An Insider’s Guide to Finding and Getting Into A School You’ll Love!”

  1. My advice is do lots of research on the schools of interest and even on some that are of maybe interest. A school that you may not have considered may have more things to offer that you may not have known otherwise. Also, research all majors of interest and try to find professionals in that field and talk to them and ask questions. ?

  2. My advice for high school students is to apply to several schools so that you have options and actually tour each campus.

  3. My advice would be to select choices in three categories (1) dream (2) practical considering acceptance levels (3) extremely likely. If a person chooses only one of these categories, they could be missing out on the best opportunity.

  4. My advice is to tour the college to get a feel for the campus and see where you feel like you get the best “fit”. You just don’t get that from papers or looking online.

  5. I would tell my daughter to do what she wants the most! If it is a tough decision then it must be right!

  6. Having watched one daughter go through the college application process last year, my advice is to try not to stress out about it. It doesn’t all have to be done in a day. Take each section at a time. But do be aware of deadlines and don’t wait until the end. Talk to your guidance counselor as early as possible to make sure all school records are sent on time, and make sure to have SAT & other test results sent to your colleges of choice as soon as you take the test/get results.

  7. Keep an open mind. Applying to college is a voyage of discovery and at the end of this process you should have learned a great deal about colleges and yourself.

  8. My advice for high school students is start applying to colleges as soon as possible so as to get in the one of your choosing. Stay positive and know education is what will take you far in life!


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