Disney Channel’s New Freaky Friday


Written By: Clarissa Camacho

I am a HUGE fan of Freaky Friday… As a kid, I would run around the house in red spray painted hair, and reenact scenes from the 2003 film starring Lindsey Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis .

Anna (in Tess’s body): I’m old!
Tess (in Anna’s body): I beg your pardon!
Anna (in Tess’s body): Oh, I’m like the Cryptkeeper

My mom would laugh, and even played along. When I heard Disney was producing a new Freaky Friday, I was a bit reluctant to watch it  because I loved the 2003 version so much. But let me tell you, this new remake blew me out of the water! Last week we got a sneak peek of the new film before it aired on the Disney Channel, and I can’t get the catchy tunes out of my head.

Thank you Disney Channel for inviting us to see Freaky Friday, all opinions are my own. 


About The Film

Disney Channel’s “Freaky Friday” is a madcap body swap musical comedy about a mother and daughter (Katherine and Ellie Blake) who magically spend a day in each other’s shoes. Katherine and Ellie face a variety of challenges trying to get through the day as each other and ultimately learn a lot about what life is really like on the other side of the generation gap. In the process, mom and daughter navigate relationships, work, school, fitting in, standing out, and getting by all while facing the hard truth of their altered reality.

This Disney Channel Original Movie is the fifth iteration of “Freaky Friday,” but the first in telling the story through music on screen, with the musical numbers progressing the story as well as heightening the emotion of the actions of the story. Adding song and dance to the subtext of each scene, each character’s inner dialogue is emphasized and all the more relatable to the viewing audience. The story and the music gets a message across about empathy — and how the empathy we develop for our parents extends to the rest of the world.


I loved the ethnically diverse cast, a strong girl lead with short hair, and the inspiring entrepreneur mother in in the new film. Did I mention how amazing the music was? My little brother and I danced in our seats. He told me how much he wanted to sing at school because of the Adam’s funny character. Freaky Friday opened up our hearts, and reminded us how much we love performing!


This heartwarming film is also very entertaining!

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Disney Moms love Freaky Friday too!

Be sure to watch it on the Disney Channel. Your entire family will love it!

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