LEGOLAND Opens Duplo Playtown

Written By: Clarissa Camacho

My adorable nephew whispered in my ear, “I’m so excited. ” Off we went to Legoland, California. Jack sang the lyrics to “Catchy song” from the LEGO movie 2, while his brother jammed out next to him in the car on our drive up. As we arrived, their little faces lit up. Almost immediately, they ran to Duplo Playground. The updated play area is bright, colorful , and the perfect place where toddlers can let their imaginations roam free.

DUPLO®Playtown includes more than ten whimsical playhouses that feature hands-on activities, slides and interactive elements that encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity while playing. Children can explore a barn, fire station, grocery store, hospital and maze complete with an interactive scarecrow.

The rides were meant for parents (or tias) to bond with their little loves, which made the experience even more memorable.

Kid Power Towers stands tall in the middle of DUPLO®Playtown – kids and parents alike can ride to the top of one of three towers to get an incredible view of the entire Park and enjoy a thrilling “free-fall” down to the bottom.

The boys and I pretended to be nurses, train conductors, gardeners, and artists. They lived in their own little worlds- and it was lovely. As I took pictures of them, I realized I would have to bring them to Legoland more often, because they offered so many toddler friendly stuff things to do! And the memories? Priceless– 

The new area is a great option for families with toddlers and the perfect place to let younger children play and experience their first theme park ride on the LEGOLAND®Express Train Ride. 

Your little ones will love the new and improved Duplo playground!

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