New Movie: Finding Ohana Now Streaming on Netflix

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Earlier this month Drew and I had the opportunity to screen Netflix’s new film, “Finding Ohana.” We also had an exclusive interview the creators, and the talented cast. This family friendly flick showcases historical legends from the Hawaiian culture. We truly enjoyed it and know you will too!

Home Is Where ‘Ohana Is Watch FINDING ‘OHANA, on Netflix January 29:

Disclosure: I have a partnership with Netflix, all opinions are my own.


Finding ‘Ohana is a lovely, earthly tale that takes place in tropical, rural Oahu. City born and raised siblings (Pili and Loane) hunt down treasure, while, creating friends of a lifetime. Plucked out of the Brooklyn Scene, they’re pushed into a world of culture, diversity, and adventure.

The ancient treasure hidden in the mystical cave, gifts them with multiple riches, including the gift of wisdom, in which allows them to connect with their beautiful, Hawaiian heritage. This wonderful tale, has plenty of Indiana Jones + Gen Z power influences. Ones of which will empower young minorities, and girls, who are far too often unrepresented. The new generation of females, fight gender norms, rebel against the status quo, and change the world. Which only makes sense to write characters as so.

This movie is heartwarming. It’s about family, friendship, and sacrifice. It is relatable and endearing.

My daughter Clarissa said she felt a connection to the film. We raised our children in an area in which brown skin wasn’t the norm. She grew into her cultural identity, and grew into her empowerment.

Hear what Owen Vaccaro had to say about being behind the scenes in our exclusive interview.


  • Roundtable with Christina Strain & Jude Weng
  • Roundtable with Alex Aiono & Lindsay Watson
    Roundtable with Kea Peahu & Owen Vaccaro

Movies that expedite this process, help progress growth, and confidence. I once again applaud Netflix for their spectacular, talented cast, and devotion to telling stories of all backgrounds/origins. 

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