The Ghost and Molly McGee NOW on Disney Channel and Disney Plus

Disney Channel fans! It’s October and it’s time to talk about ghosts, goblins, and everything spooky! The second season of The Ghost and Molly McGee is NOW on the Disney Channel, Disney Plus and the DisneyNOW app! This new show is creating a buzz, and you don’t want to miss it! Drew and I took a sneak peek at the first two episodes, “Game Night / The Don’t-Gooder.” Friends… we know your going to LOVE this new series as much as we do!

We also had the opportunity to zoom with panelists: (Ashly Burch, Dana Snyder), Moderator (Kristin Cruz) and learn-to-draw artist (Karl Cruz) My son thought it was so cool to meet with the creators of this spooktacular new show!

Disclosure: I have partnered with the Disney Channel for this post. All opinions are my own.


Tween optimist Molly McGee lives to make the world a better place, fix what has gone wrong, and spread joy. Meanwhile, cantankerous ghost Scratch lives to make the world a worse place, break what has gone right, and spread misery. When a curse from Scratch backfires, he finds himself forever bound to Molly. Despite that, Scratch and Molly form an unlikely friendship that guides each of them through the ups and downs of their respective worlds.

Drew and shared MANY belly laughs. and I loved the fact that we can enjoy this new series together.

These silly two are constantly getting into trouble together and in unexpected situations. It’s super funny and not too scary for kids!

Spooky ghosts and goblins are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween time with friends and family! A new episode premieres this Saturday and the older episodes are also available to stream on Disney Plus. Make sure to hug your supernatural ghost and watch The Ghost and Molly McGee on Disney Channel.

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