Hawkeye Global Conference: NOW Streaming on Disney Plus

Hawkeye Global Conference: Now on Streaming on Disney Plus!

Just in time for the holidays… Hawkeye, the limited series is coming to Disney Plus. This highly anticipated Marvel addition is bringing new talent to the screen (Kate Bishop). My kids and I are head over heals about streaming this over winter break. We are also stoked that Clinton Barton is back in the game…

Amigos, you don’t want to miss this action packed series! Below I have highlighted our favorite parts from the Hawkeye global conference. Read and enjoy!

Thank you Disney Plus for inviting Queen Bee Latina to the Hawkeye global conference. All opinions are my own.


Two years after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Clint Barton must partner with Kate Bishop to confront enemies from his past as Ronin in order to get back to his family in time for Christmas.

BRANDON: And you also-you put them on the ground in New York city to film this. That brings an added level of authenticity, I think. Can you talk about that decision to film on location?

RHYS: I-you know, it’s-yeah, I mean, a-it’s, uh-New York’s very special to me anyway. I think, um, I was kind of a-a tyrant about, um, being as true to New York as we could. Um, nothing bugs me more than fake geography in movies, and-and, uh, fake texture and, uh-and so, yeah, d-I think it-it was given that we had to go there and-and get [our place in?]. It’s Christmas time in New York too. You want that real texture. Um, plus, we’ve got, you know, very human characters in the show as well, so I think anywhere that real world feel can-can breathe through the show, then, um, yeah, we had to take it.

BRANDON: I dig it. Uh, this comes from Jana Seltzer [PH], uh, with Whiskey Plus Sunshine, for Jeremy. Can you talk a little bit about Clint’s survival-survivor guilt from Avengers End Game and how it effects his character in the Hawkeye series?

JEREMY: Uh, you know, I-I don’t operate a, I guess, suppose it was survivor guilt outside just dealoss. Um, you know, there’s-and then, you know, there’s a lotta things that are lost. [LAUGH] You know what I mean? That’s-uh, it’s-it’s addressed in-in the show, which I think is, um-um, beautifully intimate. Um, and it brings our-our characters, um, closer together, um, as well as the audience, uh, I think. Um, there’s a-there’s a lotta weight that-that’s-that’s carried, you know. There’s-there might be a seemingly veneer of grumpiness, uh, in this resting face, right, in the show.



JEREMY: But it ultimately comes from just the weight and the-the horrors, and the-the tragedies and loss that-that come with the game. It’s managing losses, uh, is-is the superhero game, and, um, the lightness and brightness that-that, um, Hailee’s character brings in, uh, it kinda counteracts that and-and comes in and kinda get it to level-level out some. So, it’s-it’s pretty cathartic, and I think quite beautiful.

Happy Holidays my beautiful friends! ~Queen Bee Latina

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