Cozy Brunch Spot With Mexican Artisan Cuisine: Corazon Modern Kitchen In Brea

Cozy Brunch Spot With Mexican Artisan Cuisine: Corazon Modern Kitchen In Brea

Sundays are meant for good food, spicy micheladas, relaxing, and spending time with our loved ones…

I love to try new brunch spots in and around Orange County, and recently I visited Corazon Modern Kitchen with my sis Rosa. I had previously heard about this artisan foodie spot from friends, and I was excited to try it out and see what all the buzz is about. My sis and I love good food, especially comida Mexicana.

This colorful eclectic eatery is located in the heart of Brea. When we walked into the restaurant, my eyes were immediately drawn to the bright and vibrant Frida paintings that decorated this trendy hot spot.

Brunch is served Friday through Sunday 10am to 1:30pm Check out the full brunch menu here.

Thank you Corazon Modern Kitchen for hosting Queen Bee Latina. All opinions are my own.

Our first order of business, look over the drink menu.

Corazon Modern Kitchen has a splendid wine and beer selection. They have a variety of unique drinks. Check out the full drink menu here.

I ordered the Corazon Michelada. It has the Corazon michelada mix, topped with Corazon bottle lager beer. Paprika & kosher salt rim, lime wheel, jumbo shrimp, olive and chile toreado.

It was sooo good, and had just the right amount of spice.

About Corazon Modern Kitchen

Corazon (Taste of Mexico) a space that exudes modern vibes, a tribute to Michoacan cuisine. Their eclectic menu includes gastronomic traditions from Mexico, showcasing authentic and daring flavors.

My sister ordered the Strawberry Bottomless Mimosas. ..

Bottomless Beverages Available

Champagne Mimosa

Orange Mimosa

Orange Mimosa

Strawberry Mimosa

Agua Frescas

Cafe De Colombia

Iced Tea

For appetizer we ordered the Tableside Aguachiles. Their version is a lobster aguachiles ceviche. Our waitress poured a delicious green chile sauce over the fresh marisco.

I have to say I love little details like this that make a visit to a restaurant a special experience.

NOTE* Some of the items we ordered were on the lunch and dinner menu.

Our second appetizer was the Queso Fundido.

This tasty and savory dish has three-cheesed blend, chorizo mix pasilla peppers and potatoes, topped with guacamolito sauce and crema fresca. It was served in this rustic cast iron dish.

I am all about the sauce!

I love me some yummy Chilaquiles on Sunday mornings…

Not only are the dishes tasty, the presentation is so thoughtful and beautifully served. I loved all the rich flavors and the SAUCES! The flavors are definitely authentic, and I appreciate all the unexpected ingredients that are fused into these traditional dishes.

The chilaquiles had crispy sauteed wet tortillas with red and toasted tomatillo sauce, black beans, topped with crema fresca, one egg over easy, avocado, pico de gallo, queso cotijas and cilantro.

Add marinated shredded chicken OR add thin sliced ribeye steak ( I ordered the steak!)

Last but not least, my sister and I shared the Churro French Toast.

This AMAZING Churro flavored French toast, topped with whipped cream, caramel syrup, peaches, and cinnamon. Served with breakfast potatoes and one sunnyside egg.

Overall, the experience was wonderful and the food was off the chain good! Check it out friends, I know you will love it too!

Cheers! ~ Queen Bee Latina xo

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