Abominable and the Invisible City NOW on Hulu

Abominable and the Invisible City Now on Hulu

Last week, we hit the Dreamworks campus in Glendale, California to celebrate the release Abominable and the Invisible City. This comedic adventure series is NOW streaming on Hulu! This new magical series is based on the beloved motion picture. Yi, Jin, and Peng are on an adventure to help magical creatures!

This adorable series is great for the entire family…

Thank you Dreamworks TV for inviting us to celebrate Abominable and the Invisible City. All opinions are my own.


Through Everest, the yeti, Yi, Jin, and Peng know that there’s a whole magical world out there, and now it’s even closer than they think!

When they discover that their surroundings are teeming with magical creatures in need of their help, the kids will set out on extraordinary and heartfelt adventures throughout their city and beyond.

Watch the trailer here.

We enjoyed yummy themed treats and a took a sneak peek at the new series!

Stream this fun series today!

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