THE PEEPKINS: Exclusive Interview with Actress Anna Faris

THE PEEPKINS: Exclusive Interview with Actress Anna Faris

A new family friendly podcast has arrived!

Last week, we spoke to Hollywood’s sweetheart Anna Faris. She is the executor producer to, “The Peepkins.” This all new podcast is full of adventure and introduces a whole new world that the entire family can enjoy without screen time.

Listen, imagine and let get ready! Tune into these thrilling and incredible adventures.


Small stature. Big feelings.

Anna Faris, Maulik Pancholy, and Diedrich Bader star in this fully scripted kids story podcast. With original songs this show is perfect for screen-free listening for the whole family — just in time for the holidays.

In the quaint, midwestern-esque town of Coopmore Ridge live an offbeat and somewhat insecure subspecies of the rural yellowfowl, Gallus Gallus-McDigitus Domesticus, otherwise known as Peepkins!

Join eccentric, antenna wearing Commander Hatch (ANNA FARIS) along with her fearful but determined best friend Noah (MAULIK PANCHOLY) as they go on adventures and lift the town’s spirits all while trying to melt the icy heart of the menacing villain Baron Von Torius (DIEDRICH BADER). While they may be small, their emotions are big and ideas must be heard.


Listen here:


  • COMMANDER HATCH — Anna Faris (Executive Producer)
    • Outgoing and imaginative Peepkin; a day dreamer who believes in aliens and monsters; has an easy-going temperament and relies on her best friend Noah for stability and advice.
  • NOAH — Maulik Pancholy  
    • Kind but nervous Peepkin with a Mid-Western, airy voice; a perfectionist and worrier who is also smart and logical, a reluctant hero who loves to knit; best friends with Hatch.
  • BARON VON TORIOUS — Diedrich Bader
    • Menacing figure with a refined accent; greedy and scheming land baron with a penchant for opera and art; has a quick temper and easily bruised ego; classic melodrama villain in tophat and cape.
  • JACKSON STILES — Adrian Pasdar
    • Radio announcer with a deep, impeccably enunciated, old-timey baritone voice; host of the Peepkins Radio Hour.
  • BUNNY BONNET — Lynette DuPree
    • The lady about town, who is a gossip and has a fondness for large flamboyant hats.
  • RATTLING ISAIAH — James Wellington
    • Older Peepkin who is a teller of tall tales; keeper and lecturer of history but could just be winging it; has a New England lilt.
  • VERA PERTIE (VP) — Punam Patel
    • Member of the town council; Power suit wearing whirlwind, very Tracy Flick from Election; always happy to help but not above lobbying for a vote
  • GILLY BOO — Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz
    • One of the Baron’s henchkins; brains of the duo with Dilly Hiss; dialect straight from NY 1930’s era lower east side
  • DILLY HISS — Knox Collier
    • One of the Baron’s henchkins; not the brains of the duo with Gilly Boo; dialect straight from NY 1930’s era lower east side.

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