The Beguiled Movie Hits Theaters June 23rd

Written By: Clarissa Camacho

Last week we hit the red carpet for “The Beguiled” movie  premiere in Los Angeles, California. The hashtag of the night was #VengefulBitches. It was no surprise because this new juicy thriller is disturbing, provocative, and suspenseful…

Directed by Sofia Coppola, this drama takes place in Virginia during the Civil War.  A young girl ventures out into the woods to collect mushrooms and finds a wounded Union soldier under a tree.  At first, the film feels much like a historical drama, then this hair-raising story takes unexpected twists and turns. 

This new thriller hits select theaters June 23rd.

Thank you Focus Features for inviting us to The Beguiled Movie Premiere. All opinions are my own.

About the Film

The Beguiled is an atmospheric thriller from acclaimed writer/director Sofia Coppola. The story unfolds during the Civil War, at a Southern girls’ boarding school. Its sheltered young women take in an injured enemy soldier. As they provide refuge and tend to his wounds, the house is taken over with sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and taboos are broken in an unexpected turn of events.

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Quentin Tarantino and other Hollywood celebs showed up to the premiere to support Coppola’s new film.  “The Beguiled” is a recreation of the 1971 film, originally starring Clint Eastwood. 

Beguiled Movie

Producer Youree Henley said, “It’s a really fun movie to watch especially with an audience. When people feel like they are given permission collectively to laugh, or sigh, or to feel that experience. It’s very quiet sometimes and then it gets very broad in the best sense.”

We laughed, cringed, and gasped while watching the film. The story took us on an emotional voyage, much like Henley described in our interview.

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Miss Martha (Nicole Kidman), is elegant and poised. She reluctantly helps the wounded solider. Kidman’s beauty and demeanor transforms as her attraction grows for McBurney.

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Corporal McBurney’s (Colin Farrell) character is rugged, charming, and magnetic much like Eastwood in the original film. The attractive soldier has an thick Irish brogue. He distracts the girls from their daily routine, which causes disruption in the school.


Edwina (Kirsten Dunst) portrays a quiet composed teacher who also falls hard for the Union Soldier. She is determined to be by his side.


Alicia (Elle Fanning) is a young wild seductress. Things definitely heat up with Elle and McBurney, and the love triangle becomes chaotic and extremely complicated.

Emma Howard (Emily) looked gorgeous in red at the premiere. This is her first feature film.


As the story unfolds, these young girls reveal a dark vindictive side. Addison Riecke is sweet “Marie” in the film.


The six pound pie baked by Chef Casey Thompson was the perfect dessert for “The Beguiled” themed dinner party.

Go see “The Beguiled” in theaters June 23rd!

This movie is Rated R

Run time: 93 minutes







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