Smallfoot Movie Review & Interview with Channing Tatum, Rapper Common, and Director Karey Kirkpatrick


Earlier this month I screened Warner Bros Picture’s new film Smallfoot, and interviewed actor Channing Tatum, Rapper Common, and Director Karey Kirkpatrick to get the insider scoop on the new film. This adorable new film is a MUST-SEE and hits theaters September 28th!

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A Yeti named Migo stirs up his community when he discovers something that he didn’t know existed — a human.

In my interview, Actor Channing Tatum talked about his role as Migo… 

Question: “With saying that, what would you all say was your favorite thing about the characters that you portrayed? What’s, like, some favorite characteristics?”

Channing Tatum: “Migo is just a believer, you know? He’s a believer and he’s truthful probably first, and that’s why I

think, you know, he was kind of the perfect person to have–kind of have to go on this journey and to be kind of tasked with this–really it’s a–it was a scary thing. I mean, he thought his world was perfect.

And it’s easy to know that change needs to happen if things aren’t good. But, in his mind, things were literally perfect, and he didn’t want anything to change.

And when all of a sudden something comes into his world that completely knocks out a pillar of truth in his life, everything is questionable now. Like, everything is just on thin ice and you don’t know if anything is real.

And I think it takes a really strong person and a really, you know, kind of brave–a brave person to just, you know, sort of go out past the breakers and see what’s out there, and he does that. I think to–I think he respects, like, the stone keeper and his father so much because of the way they raised him and what they represent.

That’s why it was the hardest thing in the world to, like, say–just go against him. And–but it was–they raised him well because he did–he still spoke his truth. I mean, he didn’t lie just to stay out of trouble.”

Rap Star Common talked about the message he felt was the takeaway for moviegoers…

Common: “So, I think the–finding the truth, and speaking that truth, and believing in that truth, and not being afraid to share that truth is, I think, one of the great messages we have in this movie.”

Director Karey Kirkpatrick talked about how the film evolved during the six year project, and the impact that he hoped it would have on the audience…

Karey Kirkpatrick: And in particular, when doing family entertainment, I do believe that–you know, most of us go to the movies to be entertained, and I–I think we go to be entertained and what we hope that within that entertainment is that we are emotionally engaged and moved at some point.

But, I think kids, whether they know it or not, they go to movies to learn how to live their life. They go to watch other characters navigate difficult situations and resolve conflicts. And they use that, sometimes for good or bad, to figure out how to navigate their own relationships.

And so, I think–I take that really seriously that kids do that. It’s why they go watch the ones that work over and over and over again. Because I don’t think they’re just watching it because it’s pretty.

I think they are watching it because there are some kid fears, and some really deep things that are happening that they live through these characters as they watch them resolve conflict and grapple with issues. And I know that this movie sort of sneaks up on people at some point, and it’s like, oh, wait, this is about maybe some heavy things that are going on in the world.

And it is dealing with truth, and what is truth, and it’s dealing with authority and isolationism, and it’s dealing with–in a weird way–immigrants and the other and borders and all of these things that are in the world. But, it’s also dealing with–if you think about the world that kids live in, you know, kids live in a totalitarian world with parents and schools where, you know, you’re hearing, “because I said so”, or “as long as you live under my roof”.


This new film has a powerful message, and talks about the importance of standing up for the truth and what you believe in. It also talks about current underlying issues like immigration, isolation, and questioning what we are told be be “facts.” Most importantly, being open to others that our different than us.

As a mother, I think this is an incredible message for our children. I truly loved this film, and recommend it for the entire family. I found myself laughing hysterically during many parts of the film.

My favorite part of the film is when Migo, discovers “smallfoot” and wants to prove to his village that they do exist. No more spoilers I promise!

The music in the film is entertaining, and it was a treat to hear Common rap some fun lyrics!


Yeti or not Small foot is hitting theaters September 28th! 

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