Review: Focus Feature’s Tully Hits Theaters May 4th

After giving birth to three girls, my husband and I were overjoyed when we learned that we were expecting our first son. We couldn’t wait to decorate his nursery, and prepare for his arrival. Pregnancy and delivery would be perfect.  I imagined myself nursing in his beautiful room, and I’d be singing lullabies.(cheesy I know) Sadly this was not the case, and I was faced with some health challenges that spiraled into a nightmare. After delivery, I was bedridden because I was leaking spinal fluid (from the epidural) . I faced unimaginable pain, and it was very difficult for me to bond with my newborn son. I juggled three other children, one with special needs, and I was facing  postpartum depression. The whole maternal experience was far from the fairytale I had envisioned.

During my pregnancy, I often despised the women who had that “pregnancy glow.”  Those flawless stylish women who walked around in four inch heels, and always looked radiant. Those bitches who bounced back to pre-pregnancy weight immediately after delivery. How was this possible? I hated them because I was exhausted,  overwhelmed, and felt extremely unattractive. My feet were swollen, my hair was falling out, and I waddled like a penguin. Wtf had I become? I was no longer the successful entrepreneur, fit belly dancer, and tennis player. I was a deformed alien, with cankles.

Last week, I screened Focus Feature’s new film Tully and attended the press conference at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. This film took me on an unexpected emotional journey, one that brought me back to this very difficult period in my life.

Tully hits theaters May 4th!


About The Film

A new comedy from Academy Award-nominated director Jason Reitman [Up in the Air] and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody [Juno]. Marlo [Academy Award winner Charlize Theron], a mother of three including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother [Mark Duplass]. Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully [Mackenzie Davis].

Thank you Focus Features for inviting me to screen Tully and attend the press conference. All opinions are my own.


Charlize Theron stars as “Marlo,”  a loving mother of three in the film.

What an incredible SURPRISE!

During the screening Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, and Ron Livingston surprised us at the private screening of Tully.

Charlize said, ” It is not a film about compartmentalizing parenthood. It is a film about knowing we are all going through the same journey. And that we are not alone. So hopefully we can all unite tonight. And how fucken hard it is to be a parent, but also how fucken great it is!” (Love her)

During the screening I laughed hysterically, sobbed, and cringed during many of the film’s gut wrenching moments. (don’t forget to bring tissues when you watch this film)

In this film, Charlize brilliantly depicts a haggard struggling mama, who is trying to find life balance and get in a little rest when she can. As a mother, I could easily relate to her character and to many of the situations presented in the film.


Ron Livingston is “Drew,” a withdrawn and overworked father. He buries himself in his work to provide for his growing family, and to deflect from the reality at home. (another relatable situation)


Mackenzie Davis is “Tully,” the night nurse, who comes to save the day… This movie has an unexpected turn of events, that blew me away.

Focus-features-Tully-DuplassMark Duplass is “Craig,” Marlo’s concerned brother, who wants to help his sister by hiring a night nurse for her.


Jason Reitman – Director/Producer has created a film that has moved me in so many ways…

At the press conference Jason said, “This is a movie that is about that moment when you become a parent, and you feel like you need to close a chapter on a portion of your life, so that you can open up a space so your child can occupy it.”

Filmmaker Jason Reitman made his feature film debut with the 2006 Sundance hit Thank You for Smoking. He notably earned Academy Award ® nominations for directing Juno and Up in the Air, the latter of which earned Reitman a Golden Globe Award, WGA Award and BAFTA Award for Best Screenplay. His other films include Young Adult, Labor Day and Men, Women and Children. Reitman has produced three seasons of the Hulu comedy series “Casual” through his Right of Way Films. He also executive produced the Academy Award-winning film Whiplash and the Jean-Marc Vallee directed Demolition through the production company. He is in post-production on The Front Runner, which he is co-writing and directing.


“Tully” is a brutal honest look at the frustrating situation of a mother, that speaks volumes for the lives of so many others.  This brilliant movie is a MUST-SEE. Go see it in theaters May 4th!



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