Soda Stereo SEP7IMO DIA NO DESCANSARÉ- Cirque Du Soleil May 3-5


Are you a Cirque Du Soleil fan?

If so, you don’t want to miss Cirque Du Soleil’s Soda Stereo SEP7IMO DIA – NO DESCANSARÉ May 3 – 6th at THE FORUM in Inglewood!

I grew up rockin’ out to the sounds of Argentinian band Soda Stereo. Now imagine their music and Cirque Du Soleil’s incredible acrobats, all on one stage. This show is going to be sensational!

In 2013, Pop Art Music founder Roberto Costa, Pop Art Music CEO Diego Saenz and Soda Stereo Manager Dany Kon approached Cirque du Soleil to create a show based on the band’s music. The project comes to life exactly 10 years after the band’s final tour.

Thank you Cirque Du Soleil for inviting me to see SEP7IMO DIA – NO DESCANSARÉ. All opinions are my own.


About the Show

Inside the musical realm of Soda Stereo SEP7IMO DIA – NO DESCANSARÉ blends the wonder of Cirque du Soleil with the explosive pop-rock energy of Soda Stereo – Argentina’s musical icons – to immerse spectators in the band’s symbolism and poetry. In a breathtaking display of Cirque du Soleil’s signature artistry and physicality, SEP7IMO DIA conjures a world outside of time – a place where emotions ebb and flow like the tide, pulsing to the rhythm of the band’s emblematic songs. A cast of 35 performers take the audience through a series of visual, acrobatic and artistic tableaux that mix breathtaking feats of physical prowess with moments of poetic beauty, using the musical realm of Soda Stereo as a springboard for exploration. Set on a strikingly unconventional stage, SEP7IMO DIA is an ode to the trio’s fiercely innovative artistic approach and musical legacy. The show picks up on the wave of euphoria that Soda Stereo unleashed in Latin America and beyond, and celebrates the iconic band’s deep connection with its fans.


In addition to the normal seating in the stadium, an area is reserved for those SEP7IMO DIA spectators who opt for “standing room” tickets so they can move, groove and dance to the music. This configuration is another way of celebrating the proverbial connection that existed between Soda Stereo and its fans. Spectators in “the field” also get an up-close look at some of the action that unfolds right in the audience, such as when musicians gather round a campfire to play music, or when an acrobat performs a mesmerizing hand balancing act on top of a huge flower. The goal is to let the energy flow freely between the artists to the crowd, and vice versa….

For ticket info click here.

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