Quarantine: Stay Active, Organize and Set Goals

Helpful Quarantine Tips & Goals

Written by: Victoria Camacho

2020 All I can say (Well everyone for that matter) is WOW…

It’s frightening, and it is confusing because we do not know what to expect the next couple of months. Panicking is a common response to all this madness. This whole pandemic has got our world coming to a halt. We are glued to our phones and media devices, to have a continuous world update of COVID-19 when we shouldn’t be.

Trust me – I know. We all do it, but if there is something I have truly learned not only because of the sickness, but even before from my recent life experiences is that whatever is meant to be, will be. I can worry all about the future, but I need to be in the now. To be clear, though, I am not saying to go out and be careless running wild; I simply mean take a breathe and get ready to put in work since you have something we ALL say we don’t ever have – SPARE TIME.

I know that not everyone is all just free’d up with loads of time and it all varies depending on each situation but regardless, we have opportunities to get things done, accomplished, and completed! 

It’s going to be a struggle, yes because we aren’t used to having to be confined more, but this is your time to HUSTLE.

Now, the first few days or even weeks  for everyone are going to be getting used to the situation  and adjusting to this shift. 

Also everyone wants to binge watch shows and eat take-out, so if you’re still feeling the Netflix/ Disney/Hulu binge in your pj’s, that is just fine too, but it will eventually get old.

Here are some tips on what you can do during this quarantine that will keep you going:

Clean your sh*t out.


First thing I am proposing for everyone is that the best way to start through this quarantine is get up and clean. It truly, mentally makes you feel great being able to work in a clean space 

Before quarantine, I was constantly letting my room become very messy. I’m sure we are all guilty of this, but this your chance to not only just clean, do the full spring cleaning. If you have a large household like mine, just get everyone to pitch in an hour or 2  a day to accomplish all the house projects you have had. Get rid of things. Sell/Trade it online. Depop and Offer Up are great online platforms to get rid of all those things you don’t need/want. Also, you can always look up your local Goodwill or other donation services to do a pickup of your things!

2. Set those goals-with deadlines. 


Okay, now that you have a clear space, sit down and write down everything you have been wanting to accomplish that you know you can do, but make sure to set the deadline.

Another thing that I had an issue with (and many of you are too, I am sure of it) is setting a goal, but never actually getting to it. I mean, hey we are human and things happen. But like I will be saying over and over – we got time! Pull out the calendar, and just set the dates of when you will get certain things done by-even if it just the simple things. Planning is key. That is why I love planners. You can buy them anywhere or even make one with printable Pinterest daily schedules! 

3. Workout and Stay Active


Hooray! We can all workout now! Yes, gyms are closed, but you can of course workout from home. Whether it’s yoga, cardio, or dancing, anyone has the option to go onto Youtube, download apps, and anything to do these at-home workouts. If you don’t have room indoors to do so, go outside somewhere away from people and just get that body moving. It will feel good to not just be the couch potato, we all know you have been the past couple days. 

May I also add meditation – something I have been taking part in the past couple weeks. Nothing nicer than knowing how to breathe-easy and keep stress low in a time like this.

 4. Use the internet for FUN, not panic attacks ; GET CREATIVE and DO GOOD.

I know everyone is dying to keep constantly checking for all the COVID News, but at this point, the more you constantly stay plugged to the news channels, the more you’re going to cause anxiety for yourself.

It’s ok to check, but how about use your devices to get the ideas running in your head, and get yourself out of your panic zone?

  •  Cook that recipe. 
  • Learn that make-up tutorial.
  • Watch and send funny videos to your loved ones for some laughter.

 At the same time, you can even do some in-home charity work and see what you can to help your community. Many people, those with low-income or the elderly need help to get food needed for the social distancing! Go onto your local food bank’s website or call and see how you can help our fellow community members! See if your elderly neighbor needs groceries! Anything helps!

Most importantly: try and stay healthy BOTH physically and mentally loves!

I am and have been nervous too, but right now we cannot let the stress overtake us. Do what you can to get your hopes up.

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