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The last couple of months has been difficult for many people worldwide. The pandemic, constant breaking news, financial uncertainties and stress has induced mental health and addiction issues. As a community, we need to have honest and open conversations about addiction and mental health. When we vocalize concern, we can build a supportive community. I was recently introduced to SOBA recovery center, and I have realized that when it comes to mental health, our minds deserve the same attention as our bodies.

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Many years ago, a loved family member was addicted to heroin. I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it was to see this person loose control of their life. As a concerned relative, I first hand understand the need for support and professional help. For this reason, I was inclined to learn more about this incredible facility.

SOBA truly understands the daily crisis families are facing when it comes to addiction. Their comprehensive treatment plans include: detox, residential inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare services with their highly trained professional staff.  Their expert team utilizes proven methods and develop a customized program for you or your loved one to ensure that you get the best care possible.

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About SOBA

As a residential treatment center, SOBA Life and Soba Texas customizes each patients treatment plan specific to their needs in a luxury setting and safe environment. Amenities include: elegant living spaces, designer kitchens, fitness center, 10-acre ranch, outdoor pool, and a Zen Meditation Garden. The facility also provides an in-house chef and cleaning service. The cleaning service attends to the facilities multiple times a day, 7 days a week helping to ease the minds of those concerned with the public health crisis which may prevent individuals from seeking vital treatment.


After years of heart wrenching addiction, including jail, many rehab facilities and heartache, a childhood family friend and alumni of SOBA Daniel Baldwin, introduced us to the idea that maybe our son should look into SOBA recovery center. We looked at the website and knowing it was on the opposite coast were very skeptical about being able to afford it and send him out of state . We really had exhausted all options and after many talks with Daniel and our son we decided to give it a go. Daniel had come to the house and realized that my daughter probably needed to go as well.

In January 2015, the two of them boarded a plane and off they went. Our son would call us and tell us how he had never experienced such a loving caring environment where they were made to feel like they were worthy of help. He would say it was different, they believe in us and trust us. That trust enabled both of our kids to want to get help and not want to disappoint the people who grew to become family. The friends they made have become lifelong. They would do anything for each other and would network to help others. They went to meetings and socialized together in sober events. Our son would secure a job that he loved and become a manager.. He was also a house manager for one of the recovery houses at SOBA.

Greg Hannley knew each and every one of the clients and would often have them to his home for cook outs or boat rides. He was an integral part of this family and was loved by his clients. He would go to the alumni meetings and keep an eye on the comings and goings of his “kids”. His door was always open and our son would become a trusted friend. Greg was talking about opening up a film studio and our son asked if he could help set it up. Greg didn’t realize that our son wanted to do this because he was so grateful for all that Greg had done for our family. Malibu film studios was born and our son was extremely proud of the work he did to help complete it.

Our daughter also realized her potential at SOBA and became a sponsor to many people. She speaks at meetings and continues to be of service which is what keeps her sober and level headed.This was a turning point for our family and the many times we visited and met the staff and the people who they worked with we immediately knew they were exactly where they needed to be. Had it not been for SOBA recovery, life may have looked very different.

After 3 years of the best years of our son’s life and living on his own sadly he succumbed to the disease.

Even after being on his own for about two years he still would see his SOBA family. We knew that those 3 years had been the best years of his life and we were able to come away with knowing how loved and cherished he was more importantly he knew and felt that himself. Our daughter is still living in California working her program and still in contact with Greg and the people of SOBA. They will always be a huge part of our family and we will never forget what they did for us. The experiences they both gained are irreplaceable and they couldn’t have achieved the confidence, security and love without Greg and his family, Daniel Baldwin, the counselors, techs, and others who they met at SOBA. 

Barbara and Patrick Raynor

For over 10 years, Soba has been helping those addicted with our innovative & evidence-based treatment services. If you or someone needs help with addiction, please reach out to SOBA to Recovery Center today.

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