Team Queen Bees: CHOC Adventure In The Park 2022

Team Queen Bees: CHOC Adventure In The Park 2022

I have a lot of things to be grateful for…

CHOC Hospital has been a HUGE part of our lives. My daughter Elisha was born with a really rare chromosome abnormality (Chromosome 4q deletion), This year, we will be fundraising the CHOC Adventure in The Park for our daughter Elisha.

They say that God only gives you what you can handle, but this has definitely been a very difficult journey for my family. I don’t usually write about this on my blog, because it’s very hard for me to open up and discuss this publicly. Elisha requires 24 hour care and nursing. She is in and out of the hospital, for numerous ongoing medical issues. It’s just become part of our “norm.”

I’ve decided to finally come out of my shell, and share our story. I feel this is important because I want to show my gratitude for everything CHOC has done for Elisha.

Join me Saturday, August 27th at the 2022 CHOC Adventure in the Park. Join my team or donate to #QueenBees here.

Carlos and I were young parents, and we had no idea of the amount of medical care that Elisha would need. CHOC was there for us from the very beginning. They helped us manage her care, and get the best medical treatments available. The doctors at CHOC were very compassionate, and helped us tremendously throughout most of her childhood.

Her pediatrician, Dr. Teresa Hollander, was wonderful and was very attentive. She often called us after her office hours at home, when Elisha was sick or not feeling well. She also helped us with her transition to adulthood.

Her life expectancy was only 7, but she is now she will be 30 years old in August. I cannot say that I have done this alone. My incredible parents, familia, Dr. Hollander, and the sensational CHOC staff have been a HUGE part of her story.

This year I will walk for my daughter Elisha and my niece Jerrica!

Muchismas Gracias CHOC, we could have not done this without you!

Join me Saturday, August 27th at the 2022 CHOC Adventure in the Park. Join my team or donate to #QueenBees here.

The Deets:

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the CHOC Walk, they have reimagined the traditional 5k walk into a brand new event. This unique fundraiser will allow them to bring our community back together to celebrate our CHOC heroes for a celebration under the stars.⭐️This incredible event will take place August 27th. Learn more: #linkinbio #partner

?Mix In- Starting at 5 pm, CHOC supporters that raise $250+ and secure their ticket* can enter Disney California Adventure® Park to mix in with non-event Guests to enjoy the Park before the party begins.

? Private Party ?From 9 pm – 12 am, access to Disney California Adventure® Park becomes exclusive only to CHOC supporters who have met the minimum fundraising threshold to enter the event and secured their tickets.

?CHOC Adventures- Enjoy exclusive experiences throughout the Park, like a special showing of World of Color, CHOC-themed photo locations, a DJ & other CHOC surprises.

?Incentive Packages- Fundraise to higher levels to enjoy special perks, like VIP World of Color viewing, exclusive 30th anniversary swag, Disneyland® Park entrance & more!

2019 CHOC Walk

I am grateful for you all and appreciate the love and support you have shown my family throughout the years!

~Queen Bee Latina

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