Exclusive Interview With Director Sergio Guerrero To Discuss Film “Intolerance No More”

Last month, we had an exclusive interview with director Sergio Guerrero to discuss his new film “Intolerance No More.” This film is striking up intense conversations, and is currently circulating internationally in film festivals and universities to support initiatives such as AB392, and also find distribution in order to keep the conversation open and together find solutions.

In our volatile political climate, “Intolerance No More” could have not come at a better time. The film touches the topics of racial profiling, police injustices, and media manipulation. This movie was brilliantly crafted to create noise and to raise awareness.

LIVE Instagram Interview July 3, 2019

About The Film

This film follows the story of a young African American woman who has an encounter with a white police officer that leaves him dead. The world watches a media circus real-time hunt for her and the truth. This movie truly opens the eyes of all individuals, as we follow an African American woman directly. The story from her eyes is rooted in tragedy, fear, and confusion. These are the stories that go too often untold. 

Guerrero was very strategic with the creation of his film. He wanted to create discussion, by giving multiple point of views (including the proclaimed assailant). He explained, that the only point of view we typically see, are those told by media outlets.

His inspiration for the film, is rooted in a real life experience. One day while watching the news, he saw an African American woman being chased by police officers. To Guerrero’s surprise, the news anchors jumped to racially charged stereotypes and judgments. He wondered, how many other individuals were judged as quickly as this woman.

This movie is important, because it showcases a scenario that is all too familiar in our communities.

About Director Sergio Guerrero

A USC Cinematic Arts graduate and Emmy Award winner Sergio Guerrero produced and co-wrote the multi-awarded feature film, “A Day Without a Mexican”, a sleeper hit that later served as the banner for the immigration movement in the United States. Guerrero is the creator, director and producer for Fox “Dos Lunas” starring Barbara Mori and Leonardo Sbaraglia. In addition, he produced the first original scripted series for NBC Universo called “El Vato”. In between movies and TV shows Sergio has over 500 commercials under his belt as director / producer with his Indie Eye Productions. Sergio continues to create premium content for all platforms such as the TV series “Soccer & Drinks” and his indie film “Intolerance” to be release at the end of the year.

Intolerance No More Film Crew

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