Monster Family 2 Activity Sheets: Film NOW On Demand & On Digital


Enjoy Monster Family 2 Activity Sheets: Film NOW On Demand & On Digital! (attached in this post below) Happy New Year friends! Enjoy the activity sheets below! Now that winter is here… Drew and I love to snuggle up, drink homemade hot cocoa, and watch good flicks together. We are enthused to start 2022 with … Read more

Exclusive Interview With Director Sergio Guerrero To Discuss Film “Intolerance No More”


Last month, we had an exclusive interview with director Sergio Guerrero to discuss his new film “Intolerance No More.” This film is striking up intense conversations, and is currently circulating internationally in film festivals and universities to support initiatives such as AB392, and also find distribution in order to keep the conversation open and together … Read more



Written By: Vanessa Bañuelos-Dawson Whatever it takes. Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios do whatever it takes to give movie and comic book fans the proper ending to an 11-year arc of its treasured universe with AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Sure to be one of the biggest grossing films in both studios’ history, ENDGAME directly picks up … Read more