Recipe: Percy Jackson- Inspired Summer Punch

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How are you keeping cool this summer?

Summertime heat has peaked, and we are trying our best to keep cool!

My son is taking the Percy Jackson summer reading challenge and he just finished reading the third book, “The Titan’s Curse.” In this book, Percy faces one of his biggest and most dangerous challenges yet! Andrew can’t wait to read “The Battle of the Labyrinth” next! 

Andrew was excited when he described the book as adventurous and action packed.  “Percy Jackson is an awesome book mom. Oh… and there is romance too. His powers and battling skills are killer, and he Percy is hilarious!”  Andrew loves Greek mythology (just like his mama), so this was the perfect summer series for him. 

His favorite character is Percy himself. He is a demigod, the son of Poseidon. Andrew said his favorite part of the series (book 2 “The Sea of Monsters”), is when a Cyclops grabs Percy’s friend Annabeth (the Greek demigod daughter of Athena) and drops her on her head Naturally, Percy then has to fight “a thousand smelly pounds of Cyclops” with a “very small sword.” Andrew found the phrasing in this part very humorous, and giggled when he shared this. 

In celebration of summer and the Percy Jackson book series, Andrew and I have created a fun summertime drink to quench your thirst and keep you chill…

Below we have included a super duper easy “Percy Jackson Punch Recipe” to make with your kids!

I’m challenging my son to finish the Percy Jackson series before summer’s end, and I encourage you to do the same with your kids!

About The Titan’s Curse:

When Percy Jackson gets an urgent distress call from his friend Grover, he immediately prepares for battle. He knows he will need his powerful demigod allies at his side, his trusty bronze sword Riptide, and… a ride from his mom.

The demigods rush to the rescue to find that Grover has made an important discovery: two powerful half-bloods whose parentage is unknown. But that’s not all that awaits them. The titan lord Kronos has devised his most treacherous plot yet, and the young heroes have just fallen prey.

They’re not the only ones in danger. An ancient monster has arisen — one rumored to be so powerful it could destroy Olympus — and Artemis, the only goddess who might know how to track it, is missing. Now Percy and his friends, along with the Hunters of Artemis, have only a week to find the kidnapped goddess and solve the mystery of the monster she was hunting. Along the way, they must face their most dangerous challenge yet: the chilling prophecy of the titan’s curse.

Percy Jackson Inspired Summer Punch

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 6


  • 2 Cups Blue G2 Gatorade
  • 2 Cups Pineapple Juice (low sugar)
  • 2 Cups CranApple Juice (low sugar)
  • Ice -As desired


  1. I doubled the recipe to fill up the punch bowl shown in this image.

Just for fun, we added some mythical characters in our drink. I found them here (and we found some at Hobby Lobby too).

*Parents feel free to add a quarter cup of your favorite rum to your drink, to create a delicious cocktail. 



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